Levi's 501-1931(Long Day)

After the promotion of the world unified standard of Levi's, the nickname of "Long Day" was attached to the 501 which was developed as a vintage-like product using the selvage fabric made by Cone Mills. In addition to the use of selvedge fabric, there are also vintage-inspired specifications throughout. They are manufactured in their own factory in Mexico.

The flasher etc. are unchanged from 501-1999.
Slightly slender and straight. The silhouette isn't much different from what it has been.
Levi's501-1931(longday)_leather patch

leather patch

The patch has been changed to a cowhide patch. Compared to the paper patch, the design of the two-horse mark has been simplified, and various text notations have been removed.


No change from the flasher that came with the 501-1999.
Levi's501-1931(longday)_inner tag

inner tag

It is tagged with a laundry tag as well as a variety of other tags. The country of production is Mexico. It is written in each country's language, indicating the introduction of a unified global standard.
Levi's501-1931(longday)_back pocket

back pocket

In the case of 501-1999, the shape was like a squeeze at the bottom, but in the case of Long Day, the shape was returned to almost a square.
Levi's501-1931(longday)_back pocket (back)

back pocket (back)

It features a vintage-like single stitching that shows a surprising amount of attention to detail.
Levi's501-1931(longday)_red tab

red tab

Small "E" double-sided embroidered tabs.
Levi's501-1931(longday)_belt loop

belt loop

The 501-1999 had a thicker belt loop, but it has been reverted to a narrower one.
Levi's501-1931(longday)_bar tack

バbar tack

Bar tack with yellow stitching
Levi's501-1931(longday)_top button

top button

Plated iron buttons. The top button has V-stitching, which is also a vintage touch.

front button

Excluding the top button, the number is three.

fly button

A button with few pots and pots is used.

top button (back)

"4093" engraved. Single stitching on the waistbelt gives it a vintage-like look.


The rivets are a near-black color that has not been seen on previous 501s, which gives the impression of being quite sharp.
Levi's501-1931(longday)_outseam, selvedge

outseam, selvedge

Selvedge fabric is used and the width of the side split is large. Yellow chain stitching at the hem.


This is also the same as the 501XX, but it's not reinforced by bar tack.
Levi's501-1931(longday)_coin pocket (back)

coin pocket (back)

The selvedge part is used.


Some warp threads that seem to be falling down are noticeable in places. It's a color that looks like a subdued replica of a common Japanese fabric.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
W29/L32 30 40.5 11 15 11 31.5 8 41.5