Levi's 501-1999(Black Seed)

 In 2008, the 501 was released as a new global standard model, but the model we're introducing here is made with black seed cotton fabric made by Corn Mills. Black seed cotton is an American cotton that is characterized by being a long fibre, like Zimbabwean cotton. Also, the model is already made in the United States after the abolition of Levi's own factory in the United States, but it is made in the United States in a contract factory in the United States. There are many dideles that seem to have a vintage feel to them.

As a product, the first impressions have changed drastically, with the flasher redesigned from a 501 back in the '90s and no guarantee ticket attached.
Straight without being too tapered and falling straight.
Levi's501(blackseed)_paper patch

paper patch

Paper patch with tear-off tabs, carrying on the 501 vibe from the 90s.


Redesigned flasher. However, there are no major changes in the description, such as sizing information, red tabs, and bar tacks on the back pockets.


This is a Japanese specification tag with the item number, size, etc. written on it.


It is accompanied by a leaflet explaining the black seed cotton.




A tag with the catchphrase of the time.
Levi's501(blackseed)_inner tag

inner tag

501 inside tag attached to the back of the waist belt. It was attached to all kinds of 501s at the time.
Levi's501(blackseed)_inner tag

inner tag

Laundry tag in Japanese. The country of production is the United States.
Levi's501(blackseed)_inner tag

inner tag

The back of the laundry tag. The item number, size, etc. are listed. I wonder if the bottom "0109" represents the date of production.
Levi's501(blackseed)_back pocket

back pocket

The 501's back pocket is more like a square or rectangle, depending on the era, but this model has a narrower shape the further down it goes.
Levi's501(blackseed)_back pocket (back)

back pocket (back)

Chain stitching. There is no awareness of the near-vintage specifications here.
Levi's501(blackseed)_red tab

red tab

Small "E" double-sided embroidered tabs.
Levi's501(blackseed)_belt loop

belt loop

It's a bit thicker, and some yellow stitching is used, which shows the vintage consciousness.
Levi's501(blackseed)_bar tack

bar tack

Yellow Stitched bar tack
Levi's501(blackseed)_top button

top button

Plated iron buttons, parallel stitching rather than V-stitching on the side of the top button.
Levi's501(blackseed)_front button

front button

Excluding the top button, the number is three.
Levi's501(blackseed)_fly button

fly button

A button with a pitter-patter between the letters.
Levi's501(blackseed)_top button (back)

top button (back)

"3825" engraved. Above the waist belt is a chain stitch rather than a single stitch.


Copper-plated iron rivets
Levi's501(blackseed)_rivet (back)

rivet (back)

Up until the 1990s, they were made of aluminum, but here, copper-plated ones are used.


It has been stitched with a lock sewing machine by Orange Stitch and treated with a side split. Also, the hem has been treated with a single stitch, although it remains original.


This is a very strong dyed fabric with a lot of eyes. It feels flat to the touch and doesn't have the coarseness of a Japanese replica fabric. Also, the redness is already strong from the time of the rigid state.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
W28/L36 30 40 10.5 14.5 11 35 8.5 45.5