Levi's 501-1484 (2013 model in Japan)

 Revamped for 2013, this Japan-designed Levi's 501 uses an updated version of the XXX9 denim used in the "08501" fabric. The silhouette has been modified to a slightly slimmer one that is claimed to be modern straight. Moreover, the sewing is changed to the specification that is conscious of the vintage in each place.

Until the 2008 model year, it came with a booklet and other accessories, but the 2013 model only comes with a flasher and a tag.
It is true that the silhouette feels slightly slender. It appears to fall straight down from the knees.
Levi's501-1484_leather patch

leather patch

It was previously a paper patch, but it has been changed to a leather patch. In addition, the design of the two-horse mark has been simplified.


The flasher also has less information listed and is simpler.


Lot number, size, etc. are written on it.


As with the 2008 model, the guarantee ticket is printed on the slake. It's hard to read it clearly, but it's probably listed as "FOR OVER 135 YEARS".
Levi's501-1484_inner tag

inner tag

Embroidered tag with just the Levi's logo.
Levi's501-1484_inner tag

inner tag

Country of production and washing instructions are listed. The country of production is Vietnam.
Levi's501-1484_back pocket

back pocket

Almost square back pocket. The arcuate stitching is quite shallow compared to the 2008 model.
Levi's501-1484_back pocket (back)

back pocket (back)

Previously, it was a chain stitch, but now it is a single stitch, even though it is a regular product that is not a reprint, as if it is conscious of vintage.
Levi's501-1484_red tab

red tab

Double-sided embroidered tabs with a small "e"
Levi's501-1484_belt loop

belt loop

For the 2008 model year, the thicker belt loops have been returned to their normal thickness.
Levi's501-1484_bar tack

bar tack

It is sewn with dark blue thread, not yellow or white.
Levi's501-1484_top button

top button

It's a plated iron button with a rust-proof finish that is occasionally seen in vintage. Also, the V-stitching on the side of the top button has been changed to the V-stitching seen in the early days of the BIG E.
Levi's501-1484_front button

front button

Excluding the top button, the number is three.
Levi's501-1484_fly button

fly button

Like the top button, it looks like it's been coated with rust-proof paint.
Levi's501-1484_top button (back)

top button (back)

"4459" engraved. The top of the waistbelt has been changed to a single stitch as seen in the early days of the BIG E.


Copper-plated iron rivets
Levi's501-1484_rivet (back)

rivet (back)

The copper-plated ones are used.


It has been locked multiple times with blue thread, and then it has been side split. The hem is chain stitched.


The anti-cannelling reinforcement is omitted, and only a reverse U-shaped stitching with a thick thread is used. This is also a vintage inspired specification.
Levi's501-1484_coin pocket (back)

coin pocket (back)

Here too, the stitching has been changed to a single stitch instead of a chain stitch, giving it a vintage-like look.


It's already been one-washed. Even though this is a regular fabric, it has a strong slubby feel.

size waist
seat front rise back rise thigh inseam opening total length
W28/L32 30 39.5 11 14 11 30.5 7.5 40.5